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Jack Rutter and Greg Russell - 23rd September

£ 12.60 

The first of two double headline concerts at Dunton Folk this year.

Possessed of an extraordinary and utterly distinctive voice Greg Russell is a singer, multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano), songwriter and interpreter of the finest water. He’s still developing at a dizzying pace before your very eyes. Definitely the man to watch, if you’ve not seen or heard him before, you really should. You won’t be disappointed, that I can promise!

Jack Rutter is a guitarist, multi instrumentalist, and singer currently playing with Moore Moss Rutter, Seth Lakeman and others.


Kara and The Foxglove Trio - 28th October

£ 12.60 

The second of Dunton Folk's double header concerts for 2017. 

KARA have a unique sound combining original material with traditional folk for a rich mix of songs and tunes; hammered dulcimer, guitar and melodeon back the striking lead vocals in original material laced with folk music from around the world.

The Foxglove Trio seek out lesser-known traditional and contemporary folk songs and, with care and creativity, transform them into moments of breath taking beauty.

This autumn they are touring their second album, Distant Havens. The album showcases the band’s signature sound which is based on Patrick Dean’s bold melodeon playing, Cathy Mason’s intricate cello lines and Ffion Mair’s clear, soaring vocals. A review of their debut album, These Gathered Branches, commented that “the interest never wanes” when listening to The Foxglove Trio (R2 magazine). The second album is also packed full of musical interest with the addition of tight vocal harmonies in both English and Welsh, guitar, whistle, percussion and even a second cello.

 The Foxglove Trio's intriguing repertoire and imaginative arrangements, which can be heard on Distant Havens, are presented with an infectious energy and an effortless charm. Their passionate live performances will captivate you and take you on a journey from subtly political contemporary songs to jaunty Yorkshire tales and soulful Welsh laments. 


Cardboard Fox - 18th November

£ 12.60 

Winners of the 2015 Spiral Earth Award for Best Debut, Cardboard Fox are an exciting new four piece with a fast growing fan base. This May the band followed up on the success of their EP by releasing their first full album, ‘Out of Mind’.

All four musicians have their roots in bluegrass music but their collective influences reach much further and this shows in their music. Formed in late 2013 in Bath, England, the band features the sibling harmonies of Charlotte and Laura Carrivick (the Carrivick Sisters) on guitar/vocals and fiddle/vocals respectively, the extraordinary talents of young mandolin player Joe Tozer and the driving and technically demanding double bass playing and harmony vocals of John Breese. With a focus on original songs with a strong pop sensibility and energetic live shows, this is a group of musicians who are very, very excited about what this line up can create and that’s what makes this acoustic quartet so special.


The Churchfitters' Christmas Cracker - 16th December

£ 12.60 

The Churchfitters is a folk band like no other.

A bass guitar made out of a frying pan. Heart-wrenching vocals accompanied by a musical saw. Foot-stompingly fast fiddle mixed with infectious funk-rock bouzouki. And traditional tunes reinvigorated with mesmerising jazz sax. The four virtuoso musicians from England and France strut their stuff on a stage that bristles with instruments - adding flute, banjo, dulcimer, tin whistle, guitar, ukulele, stand up dustbin bass and a sackful of percussion to their ensemble.

And let’s not forget the unique ‘bing-bong’ machine made out of hack-saw blades. Throw in some exquisite harmonies, a slew of startlingly original songs and a few jokes that create instant rapport and you’ve got a high energy show that always leaves audiences cheering. How do you adequately describe such a musically diverse, uplifting band?

You leave it to Mike Harding, a self-confessed ‘huge, huge fan’. He calls them 'totally brilliant and beautiful'.